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Experienced in Servicing Corporations with a Single Location to a Portfolio of Over 2000

"Clean Stores Keep Customers Coming Back"

Our Story

Celebrating 45 Years of Excellence

As we celebrate our 45th year in the facility maintenance service industry, Dynamic Systems takes pride in perfecting the craft of facility maintenance services. Our dedication to mastering new techniques and utilizing technology has allowed us to elevate the appearance and safety standards in retail locations nationwide.


  • Handyman Services: Skilled and reliable professionals to handle various maintenance tasks, ensuring your facilities are in top-notch condition.

  • Electrical Services: Certified electricians ready to tackle any electrical issues and installations, promoting safety and efficiency.

  • Plumbing Services: Experienced plumbers to address plumbing concerns promptly and maintain optimal functionality.

  • Cleaning Services: Comprehensive commercial cleaning services, including janitorial contracts, carpet cleaning, and a vacuum rotation program.

  • Emergency Services: A dedicated team available around the clock to handle unforeseen emergencies, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Complete Facility Solutions
Dynamic leveraged its experience in the restoration industry and the existing relationships in cleaning retail locations to offer a complete range of services. From handyman repairs to electrical, plumbing, and emergency services, we've expanded our capabilities to handle every aspect of facility maintenance. Our commitment to excellence extends has made us a trusted name in the industry.
Our Signature Phrase

"Clean Stores Keep Customers Coming Back!©" encapsulates our belief in the profound impact of a well-maintained environment on customer satisfaction and business success.

At Dynamic Services & Supplies, Inc., we are not just maintaining facilities; we are shaping positive experiences for our customers and communities. Join us in our commitment to excellence, and let's build a cleaner, safer future together.

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